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Friday, July 8, 2016

Wickering and Planting...

OK.  This part doesn't really count.  It is a graph paper alert!  For some reason, a lot of the companies making school supplies are going to five to the inch graph paper.  That doesn't work as well for designing minis. I have been looking for four to the inch all over the place.  Our Walmart here at Rita Ranch didn't have any.

I went into town this morning and went to my old favorite Walmart.  They just expanded that one into a SUPER sized store.  It is amazing.  It would take hours to walk up and down all of the aisles...   I found my paper!  School section.  Composition notebooks.  A little smaller than the regular ones, but I seldom use a whole page anyway.  Perfect for designing furniture and such...  Can you tell that I am a happy camper?  I am! 97 cents, instead of the usual almost five dollars for a three pack of 50 pages each.... These have a hundred pages!

I also found some terracotta pots for the larger plants that I plan to put in the back corners of the conservatory.  They had to be painted.  The taller ones are actually the little rubber thingies that people put on the bottom of chair legs...

So far, I only have one coat of terracotta paint on them so far.  They will have to be aged a bit too...

The other two pots are actually glass tea light holders that I found at Goodwill for 29 cents a piece.  I am thinking that those will be good for cacti and succulents.

I believe that I will start out with a mixture of plants(real and fake).  That way, I can fill in with the real ones as they become available.

Tessie ordered me to do that... She said, "I don't want to sit in a bare conservatory whilst you fiddle around finding real plants. 

I am working on another chair for the conservatory... I'm not sure what it is going to look like.  I just started messing around yesterday.  Whatever comes out of the thread and wire is what it will be.

I don't like the red rug in there.  I think that it needs something with the color of the plants and the terracotta pots.  Here we go again!

Maybe it should be a Native American rug to blend in with the pots and the stone floor.  I'll have to think on that a bit. Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. It looks like now would be a good time to tell you what I use for large
mini pots. That's a strange expression........large mini pots. I'm fairly certain
this is my own idea, but if I stole it from you, please excuse.
I use paper egg cartons for planters. I have found egg cartons in different styles
with some round pieces and some square. Painted terracotta or dark green, they look
just like outdoor planters. I'm going to plant some with the "cacti" I found in
some potpourri,as you suggested.