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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Rugs and Wicker...

OK.  There are 604 cross stitches done...  Only 21,296 to go! I know that it's a bad habit, but I always figure out how many stitches I have to do to finish any rug that I start...

I start by marking out the size of the border that I want and making sure that I know where the center lines are in both directions.

Now I am off and running.

I also did most of a wicker chair for Tessie's guests to sit in... She specifically wanted something "not nearly as grand as her own". 

I complied and now I have to go back and cut off all of the wires and braid the trim.  It needs to be straightened here and there.  When I am working on wicker, there is always a need at the end to straighten all of the wires and thread once more.  I am at that point now.

I also plan to make a couple of wicker plant stands and a table to go between the chairs.

I went out and found some dead branches on the rosemary bushes to try in the corners.  I think that they will work well for what I want to do there.

I am pleased with the terracotta pots that I did yesterday.  They turned out looking like real terracotta after a bit more painting.  I think that they still need a bit of dirt and wear marks here and there. 

Just not today.  Today I am stitching and weaving up a storm.  And yelling a lot, "Tessie!  Get that gator off of the rug!  I just started it!"

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Cassie,
The wicker chair is coming along beautifully and the terracotta pots are fabulo8us. Well done. Don't yell too your throat!
Big hug