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Friday, July 29, 2016

Need I Say More???

We went out to search for new dining table and chairs this morning. The old one is about 20 years old and much the worse for wear...

The new stuff will be delivered Monday... A very nice set that will take up most of the family room.  Unlike out old set, this one doesn't have a leaf in the middle.  It is just a table... One piece  with six chairs... I gave up trying to find a small one with a leaf.  They just aren't making those anymore.  Everything is BIG!
To make matters worse... When we got back, I went looking for Tessie and this is what I found!

I didn't do it.

Walter didn't do it.

So.... It must have been Tessie and friends. Kota is trying to look innocent too...

There Tessie stands in the middle of the work table... Looking sooooo innocent.
I am going back to the work room to start over, once again....How many times in the past eight years, since I started doing this blog, have I gone into that workroom with a rope tied to my ankle?

Here I go again... And there stands Tessie... So innocent and unassuming...

Need I say more?

Back to work! I would like the workroom to be semi clean before Monday, when they deliver the new table and chairs.  Wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.

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