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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Bargains Galore!

The birds are all enjoying the large free lunch counter in the back yard now.  The Burbank cactus has the most fruit on it that we have ever had.  I think it's because of the rain...

This thing is over eight feet tall now and if you look to the upper right corner, you can see one of the birds perched on a fruit... It is bigger than he is.
Now for the real bargains.  I have been waiting for more than a month for the yellow tags at Goodwill to become half price.

It paid off!  The jacket on the left is rawhide.  The one on the right is polished on one side and soft suede on the other.  I got both of these for about $10.00!

Sometimes it pays to be patient and wait a while.

I have enough leather for minis and jewelry(mostly jewelry) to last me another ten years.

After Goodwill, I stopped at Dollar Tree.  They had these little plant pots, 12 for a dollar.  They can be cut down some with an Exacto knife or scissors.  If we paint them, they will look like terracotta or stone. I have a few real plants to repot as soon as the conservatory is finished.

My other purchase is not terribly exciting, but it will save the new table.  I will probably put a vinyl cover on, but to be safe, I bought these to use when we are working on projects. 

They come two to a package and the more protection, the better.

I am going back to cutting up leather now.

See you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Hi Casey.
In Australia we call this Prickly Pear and it has been classified a pest. It arrived with the first Italian migrants and now it is everywhere, I have tasted the fruit and it is delicious (like watermellon)

Caseymini said...

Hi Wilma, this is the largest of the prickly pears. We gave several different varieties here. I even have a variety with purple pads growing in the front yard. The regular, smaller varieties here produce fruit that we use for making jam. Really good.

niela said...

this cactus is amzing
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