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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

While Walter's Away...

Casey will play at cleaning... I started pulling things out of the closet in the computer room this morning... I am just glad that Walter won't be home until Friday... It is going to take me that long to sort through things and stick some of them back in there.  Other things will go to Goodwill.

What a mess!  I used to do a lot of quilting and upholstering finds from the thrift stores... I only have one chair that needs to be redone and the cushions for the porch swing... I do believe that I can part with some of this stuff.

While I am cleaning, Tessie and Zar are refusing to work on the antique store and pretending to clean my craft cottage.  Somehow, that doesn't seem fair.  I should get to do that and they should clean the computer room closet...

They aren't willing to trade locations... They told me that I made the mess in the closet and I should have to clean it up.

Oh well.  I will get even.  As long as it take to clean the closet, I won't be able to work on the antique store.  So there!

 So far, I can't see anything that they have actually cleaned in the cottage... The whole thing looks just like it did the last time I left...

I am going back to work on the closet now. Kota is helping me... Crawling in all of the corners to make sure I get everything out.

Let's see which party gets finished first. At the rate that they are going, it will be the Fourth of July when they finish.

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.

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