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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tessie's Treasures!

About three o'clock this morning, I was rudely awakened by someone tugging at my left ear lobe...

This time she went too far!  Tessie was whispering in my ear... "I don't need a vacation after all... I need an antique shop to pay for a vacation. I've already started collecting things to sell!"

Couldn't she have waited until I woke up by myself?

Nope.  She wanted to tell me as soon as possible, so that I could change direction right away...

That's why this episode is called "Tessie's Treasures".  She announced that it will be then name of the shop.  And it will still be the Vineyard Cottage. So... I will be changing course, once again...

I am going to hold off just for today.  She may get another brilliant idea in the middle of the night, tonight.

So. I am working on getting the fronts off of the drawers in the closet.  I was tired of not being able to see into the drawers without opening them.

I need to start soaking the paper off of some of them.  Why did I cover them in the first place?  One of my lesser ideas for organizing...
I did get another idea for organizing.  I started putting my fat quarters of fabric in this old CD case.  I have several.  If this works well, I may just do a few more.  It's much easier than digging through drawers and bins to find something. 

So far.  So good. I am going to go try a couple of other ones for fabric storage.  Wish me luck.

See you tomorrow.


2minimom said...

Fat quarters are beautiful in CD shelving! They inspire me to do more when I see them all lined up.

Yours is the first (and often the only) blog I visit daily. Thank you.

BTW-If this is a duplicate (I had a problem logging into google, feel free to delete!)

Have an awesome Sunday!

Caseymini said...

Minimom, no deleting necessary. I'm happy to have your daily visit! I am going to try some of the other CD shelves. I think that they will motivate me to do more too. I need the fabric where I can see it. I am going to sort by color too.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
While I think I would have squashed her like a bug had she awoken me that way, I do think it is a great idea! Here's to a new adventure!
Big hug

Caseymini said...

Giac, I don't have the heart to squash her like a bug. She thinks a lot like I do! And she is most always right! VBG