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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tessie Works While I Play...

My idea of work is slightly different from Tessie's.  I would say that I worked on this bracelet yesterday.  She would say that I was playing...
While waiting to get in to see the doctor, I knitted... Tessie would also say that, that was playing.

I have to get started on Christmas socks for the family members.  I didn't do it last year.

I have a much better attitude this year than last!

One sock half done and about a dozen more to go! 
Tessie's idea of working is grabbing things from the workroom and other places in the house to put in the antique store... Please note that the bracelet that I just finished is in the pile.  She seems to think that she is owed the bracelet since I am not working on her store...

I also noticed that she has a bunch of my wicker stashed upstairs.  NOT ANTIQUES!!!

Spike had better  get out of there, before she puts a price tag on his collar.
It was so nice out this morning, that I spent the morning out in the back yard.

These are some of the towers that I have been building.  At this time of day, they don't sparkle much.  They will look better later in the afternoon...
I still like this setting best.  The dragon is doing well.  I was afraid that, if he got wet, he would disintegrate. He is doing just fine.  I think that he was meant to be outside.

The blue towers in this one are my favorites.

I need to go out and clean up the ground around this area.  Oh well... There's always tomorrow.

See you then...

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