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Thursday, June 23, 2016

If AtFirst You Don't Succeed....

Start over...

That seems to be my motto of the day.  I finished that chenille bracelet a couple of days ago, but was unhappy with the ends.

I started over with brighter turquoise and gold-er gold... That did the trick.  I still have a  couple of inches to go, but that won't take long.

Meanwhile, I started doing the rocks for the second time too... I am liking the air drying clay rocks a lot better than the movie trays. They are more rocky... More irregular and bumpy.  They aren't going over the whole surface.  Just in spots like the book store.

So far, I have Tessie's approval... but she keeps whispering, "More color.  They need more color."

She knows very well that I won't add color until I have them all on and they are completely dry.

Zar got into the mix.  He just keeps saying, "It needs a lot more rocks!"

If I could get the two of them out of the way, I would be able to fulfill his request much faster.

I just hope I can talk them into stepping aside without making cookies or fudge...

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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