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Monday, May 23, 2016

Several Things At a Time...

I see a spot that I messed up.  I will fix it.  White from the ceiling brushed over the edge of the top oval... Rats!

I still need to put a finish on top of the stain, so there is no problem.

I just wanted to show you how much furniture you can get in a display like this.

I used real wallpaper from a sample book that I have from many years ago. 

I covered the back side with plain old brick paper.  I doubt if it will ever be seen after I get it on a shelf.

Tessie and Zar are plotting about how they are going to get the nursery furniture out of there.

They don't have to worry.  I wasn't going to leave it in there anyway.
 The trim on the interior wall is some of this gold sticky stuff. That and the turquoise stuff are both peel and stick.  Very handy if you need trim on a curved surface. I got these at mini shows, but nowadays they sell them at all of the craft stores in the scrap book section.
Last but not least.  I got another inch of the chevron bracelet worked.  I also fixed a hole in my favorite watchband.  I am coming right along with the beadwork as well as the minis. 

When I get tired of one thing, I go to work on another.  That way I don't get bored...

I am still thinking about what I am going to do next... No decisions yet... Tessie and Zar are no help at all.  They both want me to be pulled in their individual direction..

I am going back and think about it some more.  Meanwhile, there is always beading to do.

See you tomorrow...


mcddiss said...

esa escena esta quedando muy bien , seguro que la terminas enseguida ,la pared exterior queda muy bien , aunque si es cierto que probablemente no se vaya a ver demasiado , vale la pena , esa pulsera queda fantastica , buen trabajo



Unknown said...

Your blog is my favourite part of the day to read and it's made me braver with my own dollhouses'. I also like reading about Kota's adventures as I to own a black and white cat who's always with me when I craft.

Fabiola said...

I love the scene in the first photo.