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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Just What I Need!

 More projects!  I put out the corner room box for the witches to see this afternoon.  They all liked it... I may be teaching curtains to the witches soon...

Two of them already wanted lessons.  I think that I have a third now.

We are still passing along things that we no  longer want or need and adding things to the box.  It is working out well.

Today I got rid of a bunch of "House of Miniature" furniture kits.  I also picked out a few things.  A kit for a dresser set.  A bookcase and a very pretty woven rug.

The witch sisters, Judy and Susan came with these to share.  They were cake decorations.  Maybe for weddings?

They had a LOT of them and I took a few.  They might come in handy for wrought iron or even for carvings...

I thought that the arched pieces were about the right size for chair backs and the corner pieces might very well go on a porch or gazebo.  We shall see... I just get rid of one thing and another pops into the box.  We are all having fun with this idea.

I am going back now and relax for the rest of the day. Way to much cooking and cleaning today!

See you tomorrow.


mcddiss said...

todas esas cosas son geniales , seguro que les sacaras mucho partido en tus proximos proyectos



Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You sure keep busy! The bedroom is fantastic and those cake decorations can come in very handy. Enjoy a well deserved rest.
Big hug