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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I Did Do Minis!

I sat down and finished the boarder of the Russian rug today! There are some pattern pieces, but mostly background left in the center.

No pats on the back from Tessie though...
She sat in front of me with the pattern to her favorite rug... Whining all the while... "I want another one of these! Please???

I have already made two of these in different colorways.  She wants another one.

Why?  Isn't one enough.  And besides, with the pattern the way it is, I have to figure out what goes where every time... Maybe I should just plan on doing a proper pattern for it.  The I could sit down and do it a lot faster...
Back to the beads... I have five more bracelets to wear.  Or I could look at it as subtracting a bunch of beads from the boxes.

I am still whittling down the boxes.  Just a little at a time... This could take a while.

Back to business!

See you tomorrow.


Gail said...

Your rugs are so pretty!
I saw the Thorne rooms in Chicago a few days ago. There were braided rugs on the floors made of embroidery floss, some needlepoint ones as well. The ceilings and woodwork were amazing! I think the Japanese room with its moveable shoji screens was my favorite. I kept thinking-Casey could do this, or Casey would love this! I bought the book home, hoping it will inspire me to really get started on redoing my daughters doll house!

Caseymini said...

Gail, if you ever get to Arizona, be sure to see our Thorne Rooms at the Phoenix Art Museum. They are one of the reasons that I started doing miniatures. I grew up in Phoenix and spent a lot of time studying them. Wonderful minis!

mcddiss said...

me encantan las alfombras que tejes , son fantasticas , yo tambien querria una para mi ,jajjaja esas pulseras tienen unas cuentas muy bonitas



Giac said...

Hello Casey,

The rug is really coming along beautifully! I can't wait to see it finished.
Big hug