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Monday, May 30, 2016

Again and Again...

 Well... At least this one was easy to finish in one sitting...

I found the directions on U Tube and couldn't resist.  I had to see if I could make a star.  I did it!

Tessie immediately grabbed it and asked where the opening was.  She thought that I was making her another purse...

Nope.  I just need to hang it on a leather cord and I will have a new necklace.
Then I found this bottle that I got at Goodwill and decided that it needed a collar.  I have just started on this one.  It may take a while. 

I am thinking that it would look good covered with netting stitch.
Then I found this box that I usually use for Cellini stitch projects.

Typical... four bracelets unfinished and a leather cuff that I started the other day.

Somebody stop me!

I would really like to finish these bracelets but I found that, after finishing one, they are very hard to wear.  They get in the way of doing other things.

I should have finished the first one and tried it out before starting the other ones.

I think that the flat Cellini at the top of the photo will be wearable, but the others, not so much...

We went to a movie this morning, so not much on the mini front.  I will try to get something done before I write again.

Back to the drawing board.

See you tomorrow.


Lené said...

I love those spiral sections you beaded! They would make awesome necklace inserts.

mcddiss said...

la estrella te ha quedado genial , no me extraña que Tessy quiera adueñarse de ella, el resto de pulseras se ven muy bien , a ver si te animas a acabarlas y las enseñas



Caseymini said...

Good idea Lené. Thanks for the suggestion!

Caseymini said...

Mari, go to You tube and put Cellini spiral if you would like to learn. It is fairly easy. Basically, it is peyote stitch done with varying sizes of beads. Good luck!