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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Look Before Leaping...

OK... I didn't check the door.  I just assumed that it was the one for this place...

One shouldn't assume.  It looked good from the angle I was looking at, but it fell over twice... with glue on the hinges!

Something was amiss.

So much for getting the door and windows in. I took the windows out.  I decided to change the style...Bad idea.

I stooped down the get the door back in place for the third time and then I knew... It wasn't the door for this building.

I could have sworn that the one that went with this was shaped and designed like this... Maybe there is a top piece missing for over the door... But no.  The door is also too wide!


Tessie and Zar found the predicament hilarious. 

One thing nice about being larger than the Terrible Two... I made them go searching for the right door.

They may not be out of that drawer until Thursday.  It's where I keep all of the leftovers from all of my builds. They are not arranged by house or even in alphabetical order... Oops!

I think that I will go get a piece of banana bread and watch TV until they find the right piece... I am out of the mood to replace doors and windows now.

Let the Terrible Two do the work for a bit. 

See you tomorrow.

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