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Sunday, March 13, 2016

It's a Great Day!

Well.  Maybe not for the Terrible Two.  They still haven't found the missing door...

But as for me, I get to do other things until they find it.
I'm going double time... I am working on the Russian rug and watching tutorials on wire wrapping jewelry.  Two for the price of one. 

I love being able to transfer You Tube videos from my I pad to the Apple TV.  Great for doing two things at once.
I may have to stop and go outside for  while...

The desert mallow the I put into the fairy garden is blooming... And one of the squirrels was brave enough to sit on top of the fence and watch me take photos.

He's the small creature that you can just barely see to the right, on top of the wall. Granted, it's not the best photo, but it is proof that this year's squirrels are braver than in previous years.
Here's a better photo of the mallow and I have ONE bloom on the French lavender, behind the house.

I need to redo the front walk of the house.  It has kind of melted because of the rains that we have had for the past month or so. 

That's a good excuse to go outside for a bit.  I wouldn't want any fairies tripping on the misplaced stones!

I'm off to repair the walkway. Then back to the rug.

See you tomorrow.


Karenann Young said...

I have no idea what size you are doing your Russian rug. I think I used to use 12 point canvas? But that was before my fingers hurt and that's why now I use glasses! I've been keeping my eyes on that rug. The patience it takes you!!! And all the wicker things you make. You are a master of so many things!!! Love watching it all!

Caseymini said...

Thanks Karenann! I could say the same thing about your jewelry. I love the photos that I have seen!