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Thursday, March 17, 2016

If at First You Don't Succeed...

Find another way to do it. My second one worked...  I got out my big bucket of rug yarn and decided that I would make a coiled basket instead.

The first way didn't work.  The holes were not spaced right.  If I used them all, they were too close together.  If I used every other one, they were too far apart.

Kota found an unfinished coiled basket that I threw on the bed and claimed it. 

First he slept in it while I worked... I guess I should say that half of him slept in it. 

Then, without leaving it, he took a bath. 

I guess that will be one of my new projects. For some reason he likes that basket... He won't let go for any amount of bribery. Cat food and Cat nip included!

Of course, Tessie showed up when I started taking photos. 

She grabbed the needle and told me to take the picture quick... Before she got out of the mood.

As you can see, I have almost a whole row finished... Tessie had nothing to do with it. 

I am going back now and finish the row.  Then maybe I will do some minis.


See you tomorrow!


mcddiss said...

siempre me sorprendes con cosas nuevas , es curioso la de cosas que a veces dejamos a medias y despues de un tiempo recuperamos con mas animo y las terminamos , veo que tus ayudantes siguen al pie del cañon



miniaturista said...

Cuantas lanas, va a necesitar mas ayudantas.
Un abrazo