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Saturday, March 26, 2016

I Finished Cleaning...

And so did Tessie...

I took everything out of the corner box and dusted and washed...

There are several items in here that there are tutorials for elsewhere in the blog. 

Just put in Hat, clothes hanger, purse or whatever for what you want to see. If there is a tutorial you will find it under that topic. 

The purses on the door are all peyote stitch.  Even the round one.  They are all done with #15 beads.

The green one is knitted with beads.  That one is a pattern that I found on line.  They were supposed to be knitted earrings. Unfortunately, I didn't save the website, but if you put in bead knitting, you will probably be able to find directions.

The armoire was an unfinished one.  Not the dollar kind that you get at Michael's... I don't remember where I got it.  The chair is Chrisenbon and the plant stand and shelf are ones that I designed and made.

I took the photos today without the Plexiglas.  Back in the eighties, we had a source here in Tucson that would cut and bend Plexiglas to any size and shape that you wanted.

We kept him going for a while.  The Tucson Miniature Society was doing a lot of these boxes.  In fact, one of these boxes was an early class that I took in minis.
As soon as I got the box cleaned and straitened, Tessie flew in and started grabbing everything that she could get her hands on... Then she sat down and had the nerve to suggest that I just annex this box to her townhouse!

She wants it all!  You know the usual routine.  I took it in and sat it next to the townhouse... Then she said that it was all wrong.  The box itself would have to be recovered to match the house.

That's when I grabbed everything and ran.  She is still ranting and raving about how I stole her things!  Her things???     

Oh well, the box is back where it belongs, with Plexiglas and she can't get to it.  She can zap into places, but she has a tough time zapping out with the load of stuff that she gathers... One thing at a time and a rest between grabs. It would take her hours to get everything out of there and it would take me about three minutes to put it back.

I win!

See you tomorrow.


Troy said...

I have a whole studio, next time you get the cleaning bug!

Caseymini said...

So do I Troy. I meant that I finished cleaning the corner box. Not the workroom!LOL