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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wickering the Day Away....

OK.  So I didn't finish a table or a plant stand. If I have a choice, I would rather do something new and different...

I am on my way to a chair with a book pouch on the side that Tessie is on.  I am thinking about a different way to do a padded back.  I will let you know if it works.  I think it will...
I always do the bottom first.  For me, that is easier.  That way for the most part, I have a way to sit it up somewhere and see how things are coming along. 

I prefer to do the front edge first. 

This is the first step.  It is just a matter of wrapping the wires with a couple of rows of loops to get it started. It gives a nice finished edge for the cushion.

I just weave until I have enough wicker to cover the front edge when it is bent down.  This is kind of hard to see.  It's the tan part that is wrapped around.(upside down, directly in front of Tessie's nose.)

I learned this from a real wicker chair that I used to own... It was a rocker that I kept on my back porch, until it literally fell apart.

Of course, Tessie thinks that this is for her... She is inquiring about a new house to put it in...

Hold your breath, Tessie!

I use either walnut or cherry for the bases.  Much stronger than bass wood.

I am almost to the bottom of this one. 

Then I will turn it right side up and start the top. 

I will be back with that tomorrow.

See you then!

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Phyllisa said...

Happy Sunday. I'm looking forward to see you finish your new wicker pieces.