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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Change of plans...

I decided that the new way of doing a padded back wouldn't look good on this chair.  I need something more exotic to try it on.  So... This one will be a plain old book pocket chair.

It is coming together pretty fast. I am about half way up the back.

I am at the point where I should decide if it is going to be a plain old rounded back or a wing back...

Decisions, decisions, decisions...
I did start putting a hump in the center section. 

Half of it was done in the covered posts. Simply by adding an extra round at the top on each spindle towards the center.  Then taking one off as I went down to the other side.

Then I did more by weaving one less on the end of each row towards the middle.
I tried a new way of doing the loop stitches between each section.  I started at one end and looped until I got to the other end of the row.  Then I did the same thing coming back... The made an arrow head kind of stitch. 

By starting on one side the arrow heads go one way.  Starting on the other side they reverse.  I have every other row of arrow heads going in a different direction..
Every time I stopped for a break, Tessie grabbed the chair and Kota fought her for it.  He thinks that it would make a great chew toy.  She just wants a new chair without teeth marks.

Then I have to fight them both to return to work on the chair... Maybe that's why there are so  many unfinished pieces in the wicker drawer...

See you tomorrow.


Catherine said...

That is just wonderful. I look forward to seeing it finished.

Troy said...

Looking good. Miniature wicker projects are on my bucket list

mcddiss said...

esa nueva silla tiene muy buena pinta , me gusta mucho la forma del respaldo