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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Touch My Yarn and You Die!!!

The person talking was Kota.  Not me!

I couldn't leave the yarn that Gayle brought me from Maine, just sitting there.  I had to try it...

So did Kota.  First he tasted it.  I stopped him... I rewound it and he unwound it again.

I rolled the green and purple by hand last night.  I was too lazy to get my swift and ball maker from the workroom.  It too me over an hour to roll it by hand, but it was fun anyway.
This photo is the result of me trying to take the ball away from Kota.  I think that he likes this yarn... If there is any left over, I may have to make him kitten mittens...

There is no doubt in my mind that, if I tried to reach for that ball right now, I would have a few wounds before I got it... He can have it for now...
Last night, I also started a sock from the blue ball.  It is turning out to be very pretty.  I am saving the center end with the pink for last.  I may have to have a pair of socks with pink toes...

I can always knit both socks down to the toes and then finish them with the pink...
OK. I finally got the purple and green away from Kota... I was sneaky. I waited until he left the room and grabbed it.

I hid it under a cushion and started knitting as fast as I could. 

I got this far before he came back... This pair may just be tough to do.  He keeps grabbing the thread.  I think that he likes the color or texture for some reason... Maybe both. 

Anyway, since it's Sunday, I am just going to relax and knit when I can... He should be going have lunch soon.

Back to the knitting.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Pretty kitty! Yes, Kota is pretty. But it is annoying when the cat grabs
the yarn you are trying to knit with! My cat doesn't do that. But when I go animal
sit for my granddaughter, I have to watch out for her two cats. If they are in the
same room with me and see the yarn,they won't give me any peace. They grab my yarn so much I just have to quit knitting.It's a good thing I always remember to also bring
a book to read.
So good luck getting those socks knit.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
What lovely yarn! The colors are superb. Kota was harsh, but I've been known to tell people "touch my cheesecake and die", so I'm not judging him.
Big hug

Lucille said...

Those colours are very inspiring! I approve of Kota's taste!

mcddiss said...

son unos colores muy bonitos , no me extraña que Kota este entusiasmado con la lana , seguro que quedan unos calcetines geniales



miniaturista said...

Hay las lanas....
Un abrazo