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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Never Trust a Witch and Her Cat Cohort

I moved  Tessie's Fortune Telling booth down to the top of the jewelry chest, where I could see it.  It was atop the seven foot bookcase and couldn't be seen at all.

Now I can enjoy it.

Tessie and Zar took it over immediately.  The Ouija board was spinning. I am not exactly sure whom they were contacting... but there was definitely something going on.
I did some more to the purse.  I finished the second flower.  Tessie kept pushing me to try it out... I hesitated.
She went and found Kota.  I could tell that they were cooking something up... Very nonchalant  about the whole thing. I think that he was giving her advice on how to get on my good side. Little do they know.  I don't have a good side. 

Anyway, I decided to go out and look for some new summer shirts. 

On the way back, I stopped at Civano Nursery. 
I never have trouble getting into trouble there.  I was trying not to, but Tessie found this succulent.  I have never seen this one bloom before. 

She bought it... with my money.  She said that she would pay me back... I am not holding my breath.

I am now the proud owner of one tiny pink flower.  Tessie, graciously, gave me the plant
that she bought with my money.

She is NOT going shopping with me again soon! That's enough of that!

Back to work. 

See you tomorrow.


Hermannus Collenius said...

Yet another apron? Very nice.
And it might be a good idea to have Uncle Reggie take a reading, too.

Marilyn D. said...

Okay Casey - this is the first time I'll have to say I disagree with you! I think, completely opposite to your opinion, you don't have a BAD side. No one who shares as generously as you do, not just with us but with everyone in your life, has a bad side! - Marilyn D., Oromocto, NB, Canada

miniaturista said...

Muy bonita planta y flor rosa.
Un abrazo

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
That plant is lovely. It was nice of you to make yourself a present of it...even though you did not know ;)
The purse is really nice and unique!
Big hug