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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Moving Right Along...

 OK. We got off of the rooftop.  We are now on the third floor. 

Tessie insisted that we put the zebra chair back in the hallway.  I am going to have to take it back out for a minute, when I finish here.  I forgot to oil the floor.  I use Old English Lemon Oil on all of the wood surfaces when I clean. I simply mop it on with a largish paint brush...
As I pulled back a ways, Tessie went into the bathroom. 

She carries on conversations with the frog on the sink.  He keeps the bugs out of her bathroom... I am not sure if I would rather have bugs or frogs in my bathroom...  She seems to like Herbert... He is a nice friendly frog and attacks any bug that she points out.

She insisted on putting the hair dryer on the floor where you could see it.  There is a tutorial for it somewhere on the blog.  Just put hair dryer in the search box.

We got the potion making still set up at the back of the workroom.

The Terrible two immediately got to work making a new potion.  I have no idea what it is for, but I am NOT drinking anything that comes out of that thing!

The floor in this room is what the above floor will look like when I finish oiling it. 

The floor and ceiling are now re stuck around the edges.  Both were getting a bit loose in places.

Tessie is delighted to have her closet back.  Ten pair of shoes that she never wears... Blouses and sweaters that she never wears and a LOT of aprons. 

She announced that she was going to change aprons every day from now on...

My question was, "Who do you think is going to be laundering them every day?"

Her answer? "Casey, I just hang them back up and sprinkle them with the potion that Zar is stirring up right now.  They just automatically are clean when I go to wear them again... No problem!"

Gee.... That means that I don't have to worry about them being dirty anymore.  I wonder if she could make a BIG batch of that potion for our clothes?  Sprinkling sounds a lot easier than doing laundry!

I have to get off of here now.   I have a couple of doctor's appointments later.  We are getting closer to this all being over... I will be glad when things get back to fully normal!

See you tomorrow.


Giac said...

Hello Casey,
If Tessie manages to make a human size batch of that potion you should sell it.
Big hug

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Well, I am glad to see Tessie moving back into HER Townhouse. There's
something about that bathroom that just says "Tessie"! I love it. And the Forest Cottage will suit Reggie so much better.
I need to make one of those hairdryers because I had a full-size one in the 1960s.
Problem is I don't have a 1960s mini house. Perhaps the 1940s house could use an update.
Congratulations on the last of your treatments!

mcddiss said...

esa ranita se ve muy bien , no se yo si me fiaria de esos dos , nunca traman nada bueno ,
espero que las citas con el medico vayan tan bien como quieres



Caseymini said...

Phyllisa, actually, there is six weeks of radiation and Herceptin until next June, but it is essentially over. Yay!