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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Now We Are Getting Somewhere!

This morning I went to look for more wood to finish the half timber.  I still need to frame some windows and do some more to the inside.

Not an easy task when the wood pile is in this state.  I pulled it all out and laid it on the bed.  Then I started sorting... This could take a while, since the Terrible Two insisted on helping.

They really want the Weaver's Workshop finished.

It took me a few hours to go through it all, but now if you ask me where something is, I can find it much more quickly than before the sorting.

Tessie even knows where some of it is!

I didn't label anything.  Once it is sorted, I can find it by sight.

I put most of it back.  I threw very little away.  Short pieces come in handy.

I sent Tessie in for the needed timber.  She did well.  We now have enough to finish the rest of the framing.

I am taking out the windows for do overs.  I didn't like the way some of them turned out.

This time I will do them right.

OH!  There was an added bonus! Remember me saying that the samovar for the Russian Cottage fell down from a top shelf?

I found it at the bottom of one of the waste baskets that I had the wood in.

It was simply made from a large wooden bead, painted with copper and a lot of jewelry findings.

Now we can complete the Russian Cottage, as well as the Weaver's Workshop.

Right after Tessie finishes making the tea.

I seriously need to get back to work!

See you tomorrow.  Hopefully with the windows replaced and the wood shed finished.


1 comment:

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You certainly are getting a lot done! It all looks great! I'm glad you found the samovar.
Big hug