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Sunday, January 3, 2016

If At First You Don't Succeed....

Start doing the frog stitch.... Rippit, Rippit Rippit.....That's what I get for jumping around...

I am off by one stitch somewhere in that long line of zig-zags running down the rug... I didn't discover it until I got to the end of the line... GRRRRR.

Kota just sat there and let me do it... No help at all!  He actually slept through the whole thing.

I have to tell you that he had an excuse. This afternoon, we took down the Christmas Tree.  He helped... In his own way... Very tired after all of that... All boxes had to be inspected and the greenery had to be tasted to see if it was still fresh... It wasn't.
Anyway, his tree is back where it belongs... And where does he sleep?  With me on the bed... I have a feeling that he is my reason for loosing count.  At least that is my excuse and I am sticking with it.

Tomorrow we find out if the surgery is a go for Tuesday... Fingers crossed.  I just want to get this whole mess over with. 

Back to the fun of ripping stitches now.

See you tomorrow.


azteclady said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that, whatever is decided tomorrow, regarding the surgery, is the best thing for your health.

Troy said...

keep us posted on your surgery. Best wishes for a Great New Year. Troy

miniaturista said...

Cruzo mis dedos.
Un abeazo

Lucille said...

Good luck today, Casey! Hope all goes as you wish!