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Sunday, December 27, 2015

In the Beginning....

I started this blog on February 23, 2008. There is no stopping me! I have been on the keyboard every day since then.

I thought that I would send you back to the beginning today. After I had written for a little while, I noticed that there were people following me.  I honestly didn't know what that meant at the time.  There are now 1376 people following me around.

I simply started writing it to keep track of what I was doing in miniature. I found that I was enjoying the writing as much as I was enjoying the miniatures.

I just kept going because it was fun and I could go back and read what I had been doing on any given day didn't show up until a couple years later.

I do wish that the internet had been in place when I started doing minis. I do remember all of the minis that I have done over the years, but unfortunately, not as many details as I would like.

A couple of years after I started the blog, Tessie came in one day whilst I was writing.  The first words that she said, when she saw what I was.  "OK.  But where am I in all of this???".  She was not happy.  She continued with, "If I'm not in there, it's not at all accurate!".

I decided that she was right.  She was involved in a lot of the minis that I was doing".  So.... Tessie got involved. She even demanded that I put a "thingie"(that's what she calls it) in the sidebar to tell everybody that she was involved.  I did.

As we went along, she got more demanding and wanted a house(or two or more... and friends to play with).  I never dreamed that she would have more fans that I did!

Anyway, there are no photos today.  There are just two URLs.  One is for the very first blog entry. And the other one, Tessie made me put in... That's the one where she showed up and started demanding things should go her way!

The Blog start.

Tessie's first shot at fame!

I don't expect you to read the blog from start to finish, but I have had a handful of people write and tell me that they did just that!  Crazy People!

Anyway, have fun!

I promise I will be back to normal in a couple of days.  I woke up at midnight with a sore throat.  I am going back and lay down to try to get rid of it now

See you Tomorrow!


Karin Corbin said...

I hope the sore throat is just from talking too much at Christmas :)

Anja Meyfarth said...

I love your blog! And I know demanding dolls - mine are almost the same, maybe not the same direct way Tessie is.
And how amazing that you started your blog in 1908! That is a long time and qualifies you for the Guinness Book of Records... ;))) That is most certainly the longest running blog ever. Oh, it was your sore throat that made that typo? What a pity! Get better soon!

Karen Kneezle said...

I love your blog!!!! I started following it a couple months ago and decided at the beginning of December to start from the beginning. It took about two weeks, but I enjoyed every post. Thank you for sharing your love of miniatures and your expertise. I have learned so much.
Your fan, Karen

Caseymini said...

OK. Walter caught the 1908 about the same time you were reading it. That just shows you how good I am doing today! I need some more pills!LOL

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I've had a Happy Christmas and hope you did too. I have kept up as always
with reading your blog, but just now had a chance to write back. So sorry about
your sore throat. Feel better fast.
If you are keeping track, I'm one of the crazy ones who read your blog from start
to finish awhile back.Once I started,I couldn't stop! I still refer back to some
articles.If I had nothing else to do, I would make everything you give instructions
for. Love it! I hope you keep it up!
Best regards,

KathyB. said...

I love your blog and find it inspires me to continue with my own little miniature adventures. Wish I had blogged more about them too. Blogging is such a quick and wonderful way to keep track of things .

azteclady said...

Here's wishing you a restful rest of the day, so you feel better soonest.

April said...

We're so glad that the internet was invented, and thereby blogs, so that you are able to share and document all of your creations with people all over the world. Your stick-to-it-iveness with posting everyday since 2008 is something to be very proud of. That on top of making incredible things of all sorts! Get some rest and feel better soon. We love you, April, Seth, and Amare.