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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Word Travels Fast!!!

We Moved Daisy's cottage yesterday.  She was here long enough for photos.  Then she disappeared in the time machine.

Amazingly enough, she was back early this morning.

Even more amazing, she remembered to land in the right room.  On her own time travel platform!

I got there just in time to photograph her set down.
 I stood back and took a second photo of the landing.  Perfect.

It's just a good thing that she got in touch with Tessie before coming... I have a feeling that Tessie got in touch with her... 

I am not sure how they communicate, but sometimes I wish they wouldn't.

I haven't done much on the kitchen yet.
I know that Tessie told her about moving into the cottage when she was here for the housewarming.  Maybe that was when she got the idea that moving in would make me work faster.

At any rate, she came in.  Plonked the suitcases in the bedroom just like Tessie and announced that she is here to stay until I finish up!

She then pulled food out of a take out bag and settled in with every dog she could find. 

Yes.  The elephant is still in the bathtub.  He seldom gets out unless someone else wants to take a bath.

After inspecting the premises, Daisy grabbed Tessie's yo yo and tried to entice Mic, the Jaguar, off of the couch.  He keeps watch out the window and is doing a fine job of keeping intruders out. Let's see. The dog count is up to five now.  She seems to be collecting... None of them are watch dogs.  They are all intimidated by Mic.

As for me, I am rounding up tools, supplies and paint as fast as I can.  I really don't want to get on her bad side.  I might end up in prehistoric times with the dinosaurs.  She has been known to make people disappear...

I have to run now and get started on the kitchen.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

I have noticed that Daisy likes to pop in for photo ops! Guess she thinks of herself as a sort of star because she can time travel! Well, when one thinks of it, I suppose she is. Time travel is quite an accomplishment. Wish she would give me her secret! It must have been something to see her doing that landing and right at the right place too! You're pretty quick on the draw, Casey, to have landed right at the spot where and when the landing happened. I really love that blue in the living room. Is that paint or wallpaper. I am asking because I have decided to paint my house rather than wallpaper.

Caseymini said...

Lucille, that is "midnight blue" Ceramcoat. I don't know if you can get that brand up north or not, but it is paint.

Lucille said...

Thanks! Yes, we have that in Canada. I think I have that in my stash. I'll have to look!