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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Since You Asked...

OK... Some of you asked about the directions.  There are some elsewhere in the blog, but I am not sure where... Oops...

So.... We will start from scratch.

I bought a mixed box of Tampex tubes years ago.  They were just for pillow forms and canisters.  I have quite a supply, so I am not sure if they even make them with cardboard tubes anymore... I hope so.  If I ever run out, I am going to want more!

Anyway.  Someone asked what I use to cut these things.  I use the very SHARPEST exacto blade that I can find.  This one is one of the new Z blades.  They are realllllly sharp and you have to be a bit more careful with them than the regular size 11 blades.  I used white glue in a syringe for the whole project.

How to get a straight cut?  First I find a paper that I want to use and either use the pattern on that to cut a straight line or I measure on the back side.  I cut a strip and then glue it to the uncut tube.  For the interior tube cut. I wrap the paper strip around it and mark it a bit higher.  That's what is happening in the first photo.

I then stick the exacto blade straight into the tube on the edge of the paper. 

Using an in and out motion... Not sawing, I cut along the line.  To cut the top and bottom. Sometimes a little trimming with a pair of small, sharp scissors may be needed.

I then find the size of tube that fits best inside the outside tube and cut it about 1/16" taller than the outside tube.  This will be glued inside.  That way the lid will have a place to sit on. 

This paper was not ideal, as it is kind of free handed, but it did work. You can see where I overlapped the cut piece on the top lid edge in the above photo.

I don't cut the top or the bottom round until they are glued to the lid.

I leave the top lid paper until the canister is finished.  That way I can center the design before I trim the excess.

Last of all, I use bunka or #5 pearl cotton to do the edge trim...

Now you know how to do it.  I hope that you can find the Tampax  assorted size in cardboard tubes.

Good Luck!

See you tomorrow! 


Lucille said...

A nice tutorial, Casey! Thanks! For your information, I cannot find cardboard ones anywhere, so hang on to what you have.

Fabiola said...

Thanks for this nice tutorial.

The grandmommy said...

Ahhhh it makes sense!