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Friday, November 13, 2015

Not Going to Do It!

The new birdhouse is now the official building in the faerie garden!

I refuse to move the gazebo every time the weather man predicts that it is going to freeze!

Night before last, he said that it would be 34 degrees.  Just for safety's sake, Walter brought the gazebo in and I covered plants on the patio and elsewhere.  It looked like a yard full of colorful ghosts.

In our area. it only got down to 49 degrees!  Just a slight... difference.  So the decision was made. 

The birdhouse will live there for the winter. 

Because of that, I had to rearrange a lot of potted plants.  And the gazebo is safe and sound back inside for the duration...

This morning I went out shopping for some new every day shoes.  The ones I have are eights... My feet have gotten a bit smaller with the weight loss that I had before I started with the chemo.  I am keeping the weight steady, but for some reason, if I loose or gain weight, my feet change.

So I tried on seven and a half... Those are too small.  The eights are too big... My feet are in between.  Do you hear me growling?  I am... Listen closely... GRRRRRR

Now that I wasted the morning, I am going back in the workroom and pout.  I may or may not clean... I really need to do more, but I'm not in the mood.

Hey!  Maybe I will find a long lost pair of shoes in there that still fit?  Oh well.  I can dream, can't I? 

Back to the grindstone.

See you tomorrow.


Karin Corbin said...

adjust the size with your socks :)

Caseymini said...

I need more lift in the back and a wider front. I don't think that socks can do that! I'll let you know if that works.LOL

Sheila said...

Get some doctor Scholes shoe pads and slide them in. You can cut them and double them up in the areas where you need more lift. So use tape to stick them down, or put them under the lining if you can.

They're cheaper than buying new shoes.