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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Ready to Work Now....

I had to go out this morning for some groceries... at Walmart.  Hey!  It's a good excuse to go see what are in other departments. 

I found these in the close out section of crafts. They are shaped templates just the right size for minis.  Oval and round table tops.  Square oblong and tag shapes for other furniture and a bonus of the edges.  They are different designs that could be used in painting and furniture both.  As

As I said.  Closeout.  They are getting all kinds of new stuff in the craft and jewelry dept..  They have to get rid of the old stuff somehow.

When I got back, I took the gazebo out to the Faerie Garden.  It is coming right along. So far, everything is thriving. 

I did notice a new inhabitant.  I looked closely and Spike wandered in and sat down on the front step... The half inch version of Spike, that is.

I carried him back inside and he immediately found Tessie.

Not one to keep his mouth shut, he immediately started yapping at Tessie...

The result?  Tessie has gone to half inch status too and they keep zapping them selves out to the fairy garden...

I keep going out and getting them and bringing them back... The Cactus Wrens keep trying to carry them away!  I am not sure why.

I don't want to be the one to clean up the feathers when Tessie gets tired of having them kidnap her... I had best go get them again and explain the hazards of being carried away by birds.  They could wind up in the next county!

I just hope that they are sensible and listen to me... Sure they will...

See you tomorrow.

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