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Friday, October 9, 2015

Today is a Good Day!

 First of all, Tessie found a new Mesquite tree.  It was coming up in the middle of the raised tank garden.

I moved it to a large pot.  That's where it will stay for a while...

She suggested we use the trunk of it to make a coffee table... She has great faith in my ability to grow things.

I don't think that I want to wait that long to build a coffee table...
Nope.  It's easier to go out and cut a slice of a dead branch from the fig tree.

As soon as I did, the Terrible Two had to test it out.

We all decided that a bit more sanding on one edge or a bit of build up on the opposite edge would be needed to make it level.

Hey! I was lucky to get the piece sawed off at all! The saw was rusty after the last rain!

Simplest coffee table in the universe.  A 1 1/2" slice from the fig tree.  An already polished slab of stone. 

And a small piece of illustration board to slip under one side of the base.

That's it.

As for the Zebra skin rug?  I think that it will take a couple of days to get it back to the townhouse.  Tessie is not going to like having to roll it up and push it over against the fireplace wall.  The bed won't slide out over it.  I will let her solve the mystery.  It won't take long.  Easier to move the rug, than to sleep on the floor.

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

Hi Casey! Cute little table and it did not take you long to make it. Very original as always!