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Thursday, October 22, 2015


I found a place for the orangutan. He is now one of the line up of weird characters that sit on top of the computer screen and stare at me whilst I write.

I also found a place for Lynette's pot of beautiful iris... Actually, if you want to get technical, Tessie found a place for them in her cottage, by the couch... And she had the nerve to tell me to keep my  hands off of her stuff!

Does that mean I don't have to finish the cottage?

I am not working on it today anyway.  I am being lazy.  I had to go in for the vampires to take blood and get a flu shot besides.  I am doing fine, but it's a good excuse to be lazy and do what I want.
 When we got home, Kota was watching golf on TV.  He wasn't terribly happy when I tried to get him to pose for a photo...
While I was at it, I went looking for Tessie.  Big mistake... I found her in the workroom. 

No.  She isn't cleaning.  She was napping in the basket. When I woke her up she started berating me about keeping the room clean...

That wardrobe on the table is not full of MY aprons.  They are all HERS!  She dragged them out when she was getting ready to go to the museum... Now she is trying to blame me, so that I will put her mess away... OK.. Some of it is mine, but not all of it.  Maybe I can talk her into helping???  Not likely, but I am going to try.

See you Tomorrow... Maybe with a clean workroom?  Fingers crossed!

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mcddiss said...

pues a pesar de no gustarle posar , Koda ha quedado muy bien es esta foto, a Tessy no le hagas mucho caso , solo tiene quejas , tu haz lo que debas y ya esta