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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Doggy Flying Lessons Are Here...

I figured out that the wood that I cut apart the other day was for a different style of window seat that I had imagined for Daisy's library... Never happened.  Thus I have shelves.

There will be shelves behind the table in the front of the house.
I also have enough to do some in the kitchen...

Tessie approves and is already making plans to fill them.
Here's an over all view of what's to come.
Meanwhile, Tessie has installed the Steampunk broom on the Roof of her townhouse. 

Now she is trying to get Spike used to it... He will fly behind her... I don't think that he can get it going by himself... At least I hope not!
The other flying lessons will go to the new dog.  Tessie gave him to Daisy.  She needed a dog of her own.  She kept eying Spike.  Tessie was having none of that!

Daisy has already named him... He's Winston.
What else would you name an English Bulldog? 

His flying lessons will be a bit more complicated... Time.  Space.  You know the drill...

Now that there is peace in the world, once again... I am going back to work. Then to Wednesday Witches...

See you tomorrow.

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