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Sunday, October 4, 2015

How to Politely Drink a Bowl of Milk...

 Kota is the only cat that we have ever lived with that drinks milk like this.  I thought that you might like to see how a polite cat drinks...

 When Walter told me that he was doing this, I thought that it was just a one time thing... Nope.

Every day, we give him a small saucer of skim milk.  The only people drink that he drinks...

This is how he does it.  He dips his left paw into the bowl and then licks the milk off of his paw...

He does this until it is no longer possible to get any of the milk on his paw... Then he proceeds to lick the bowl and surrounding area clean of any and all dripped milk! Every time!

I think that he is a bit strange... Walter thinks he's perfectly normal... 

Speaking of Walter and Kota, they wanted a Boy's Bathroom...  Who am I to argue? 

I put this sign on the door and went to work whilst Walter was golfing this morning.

It was kind of hard to get any good photos.  The bathroom is small and the sun was shining in on the whole thing, while I was trying to photograph.

Our shared master bath was half golf for Walter and half whatever was on my mind at the time for my side.

Now the unused bath is all golf and I am still trying to decide what the other one is going to be.
I  put up some golf prints of some of the rules of golf. I'm not sure if the prints were in book form at one time, but we have an assortment of them.  The golfers are all dressed in Dutch period costumes.

We got the golf shower curtain up in Scottsdale at one of the fancy golf stores.  Lots of golf-y things on it. And since Walter has played St Andrews in Scotland(while on a business trip a few years ago)the plaid is quite fitting.

I even managed to make a towel bar from a golf club.  You can see the head of the club sticking out at the end of the towel. 

Anyway... No minis today.  Just golf.  And an odd cat named Kota.

See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

Hi Casey! Interesting bathroom! My daughter has two cats and one does not drink water by himself. I don't know how this all started but when he wants water, he stands by the water bowl and she has to spoon feed him water. He's a big baby. So it's not surprising that Kota drinks his milk like that. Cats are special, you know, they're royalty and they know it too.

Cara said...

One of our four cats drinks her water off her paw like that, too. We even took her to the vet to make sure she was okay. He just looked at us like we were from Mars lol. Said it was quite common. But it is cute.

Petra1945 said...

How lucky you were to find Kota to adopt... He fits your Household like a glove!