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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Pillow Fight!!!

 I think that I did this on another post a long time ago... It bears repeating...

I am in the middle of doing the pillows for the couch this morning.

About 30 years ago, I took a couple of classes from Judy Williamson.  This is one of the things that I took away from those classes and have used ever since. 

There is no easier or faster way to do a lot of mini pillows when you need a lot of them!  It is a strip of the fabric, plus a quarter inch on either long side.  You press it down the middle wrong side out.  Then you turn a quarter inch back on either long side.

In the first photo you can see that I cut a strip of fabric twice as wide plus a half inch, as  I want the height of the pillows for the back of the couch. The first photo will make semi square throw pillows.  No measuring.
The second one will make three pillows.  Two will be three inches long and one will be a little shorter. The width of the couch is six inches.

I then do a quarter inch seam on the right end of the strip/  I back stitch both top and bottom, so that they won't let any of the stuffing out.  I move to the other end of the pillow.  In this case, three inches.  I do a row of stitching to finish that pillow and a half inch away, I start the next pillow.  Measure that, if necessary and repeat.  You can do a bunch of pillows really fast with this method.  They can be marked before you sew if you need to.

In this case I simply followed the lines in the pattern.

I probably won't get them all finished this morning.  That's why I am telling you this part now. 

Walter and I are going to see "The Martian" this morning and will probably leave before I have the last part done.

Next I clip the corners and then turn them right side out.

The bag of sand is what I use to stuff them.  Some people use salt.  Some use beads.  Salt solidifies in some climates.  Beads make for tiny lumps in the pillow.  So sand is my weapon of choice now. I get this at Walmart in the floral section.

After the pillow is about 1/2 to 2/3 full of sand, I blind stitch the opening shut.  It is sometimes also referred to as a ladder stitch.  One stitch on one side and then one on the opposite all along the opening. You will find that you can shape them any way that you want to on the bed or couch. 

I will have them finished by tomorrow and maybe even more on the tree bookshelves.

See you then.


Jodi Hippler said...

This is g-r-e-a-t, Casey! Thank you for the tip! Your stitches look very even and organized. I'm still working on it! :o)

Lucille said...

I will have to read that a few times more, Casey, as my brain is tired today. Anyways, your pillows are very nice. Hope you and Walter enjoyed the movie. I have not been to the movies in years. I accidentally took the wrong bus today and was forced to stay on it when I realized what I had done. If I had gotten off, I would have had to walk too far and I was wearing heels and I had my small cart. I was on a mission to get something but when I finally got there, they were all out. What a waste of time that was! I was never so happy to get home!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
thanks again for the wonderful tutorial. I see many pillows in my future
Big hug