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Friday, September 11, 2015

Give the Little Lady a Big Hand!!!

Tessie has been around me too long... I asked where she hid the lead tape a couple of days ago.  She couldn't remember.

Walter took pity on both of us and ordered some more from a golf website on the net.

Therefore, there will be a short delay on the mirror and window.

We did find a bracelet that I made a couple of weeks ago, that I couldn't find.

It was in the drawer where the lead tape was supposed to be. 

I also found a big chunk of super sculpy in there.  Why?  I have no idea.

When Tessie saw that, she immediately started raising a fuss. "I need new hands!  My old ones are very tired!"

The actual meaning of that sentence is... "I have been very hard on my old hands and they are chipped and cracked... Funny.  That's how mine feel after working with her new hands. Chipped and cracked... or is that my brain?

Anyway, I proceeded to make her six new hands... Don't tell her that two of them are for Zar.  He is in need of some new ones too.

In the middle photo, they are in the process of being made. I form them over an armature that is removable and the same size as their bones.

I use a toothpick, Exacto knife to form the hands and a #26 tapestry needle to form the nails.  I simply press the eye end of the needle into the finger.  It makes a perfect nail every time.

They are now out of the oven.  They will have to cool a while before Tessie can try them on.  Don't worry.  She is an old hand at this.  It is painless and she will be as good as new, as soon as she can get the ones from the oven on her bones.

Back to keeping her away from the hot hands.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. I have been "missing" a few days from your blog. Just caught up. The new
doll hands reminds me that someday I shall try to make another doll! I made a baby
once but didn't like it and promptly gave up doll making.
Your workroom looks very organized and tidy. I use your photos of it to "try" to
organize my own workroom. I probably have as much stuff as you have because we have
been collecting for so long, but you have certainly been more faithful in keeping it
tidy than me. But then, I don't show mine to anyone.

Lucille said...

Glad you will be getting your tape, Casey! Amazing how quickly you fabricated those hands and they are so well done! The little guys are being spoiled!