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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Here's Your Backpack... Now Go!

This was the scene just a little while ago...

Things, with Daisy working on the house just weren't working out...

She just doesn't understand building... She is great when you want to go someplace in a different time, but no concept of hammer and nails...

Finally, I asked her to leave.  I told her that I would finish her house...

I thought that would be an out for both of us...

There was a string attached to her departure...

She explained to me that her last trip back was a hurried one and she lost all of her luggage in the rush to stay alive and in one piece... Something about Morlocks?

She allowed that, if I would lend her some luggage and a back pack, she could go...

Luggage?  Sure.  Coming right up.  I have several sets all ready to go.

Backpack.  Not one in site.

She said that was OK.  She could co some more house building whilst I made her a new one.

OK.  Backpack?  From scratch?

Toilet paper roll.  Of course.

It is the same idea as the tampon purses... Just larger.

I went and grabbed a toilet paper core and some scissors.  Started chopping and in no time I had a backpack started.

You could make it any size that you want.  Daisy's was about 1 1/2" tall and an inch wide. The pleat in the bottom took up about a quarter inch fold.

 I took a tan glove that was fine suede on the inside and used that for the outside.  I glued a piece to the outside of the main piece.  Then I trimmed it flush with the edge of the form.

I cut two pieces to fit in the sides and glued them suede side out to the sides.  It is easiest if you do the bottom first and then one side of each and the other side of each last.

Then I cut 1/8" strips of a darker suede for the straps and the fastener. 

I fit them on starting with gluing the upper part of the strap under the flap for the bag.

Then I made the loops the right size by fitting them to Daisy.  That was the difficult part.  She is ticklish!

As you can see from the above photo, I glued those to the back of the bag and then glued a diamond shaped piece over the strap ends and the end of another piece that becomes the closing.

While I was doing that, Daisy and Tessie got things together and got the time machine ready to take off.

I went in to take a photo of the send off.  In the one at the top of the blog, you can see the backpack better...

Soon after this photo, Daisy was on her way...

Without her around, hitting her thumb with the hammer and saying bad words, I think that the work will go a bit faster... I will miss the flashing lights of the time machine in the living room. 

I think that the work will go faster with only one tiny witch supervising.  We shall see...

Back to work.

 See you tomorrow.


Lucille said...

An interesting turn of events, Casey! I wonder where she's off to and what adventures await her. Love the backpack. Thanks for the tutorial!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Enjoy the quiet time until she gets back
Big hug,