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Friday, August 28, 2015

Cats Rule... Most of the Time...

I decided to do some more cleaning in my workroom this morning. 

Kota followed me in and jumped ahead of me, landing in my desk  chair.  His attitude told me that he wasn't going to give it up without a fight.

I did try to work perched on the edge of the chair for a little while... That just didn't work.

He still wasn't budging.

Then I tried moving that chair and putting the old sewing chair in it's place, for me to sit on...
That absolutely didn't work.  Sewing chairs don't roll around or swivel. I did try.  For a short while.

When that didn't work, I called Walter in to rescue me.  He carried HIS cat out to the living room.  You see, when he's home Kota follows him around like a puppy dog. When he leaves, I get the honor of being followed. LOL

Anyway, I switched chairs.  Walter went out to the garage and Kota came stomping back in. 

I played his game.  If I had to get up from the chair for anything, I sat the trash can on the seat.

As you can see, it worked!  both the desk and the worktable were covered in all kinds of things that I didn't put away.  Just dumped and ran.

Anyway, here's the evidence!

And in the process, I even found one FO and one UFO.

The finished object is a mother of pearl slab that I wire wrapped a couple of months ago... It disappeared shortly after it was made... I think Kota did it..

The Unfinished Cellini Spiral bracelet is the UFO.

At least I kept the beads and the bracelet all in one place.  Now I can finish it.

And what was Kota doing whilst I finished cleaning the area?

He came back and grudgingly took over the sewing chair... That reminded me of another project that  I need to start AND finish.  The poor chair was a scratching post for Mookie at one time and I have been meaning to recover it...

I don't think that Kota was terribly happy to get stuck with the small chair instead of his very own desk chair... Oh well.  Sometimes he just has to make sacrifices... Poor kitty...

I'm going back in there and try to get more done.  I think that I can beat him to the office chair.  He is sitting behind me as I type.  The squirrels, in the back yard have his complete attention.  Wish me luck!

Back to work. Gotta Run!
See you tomorrow.


wilma knipe said...

Kota is so cute with that smudge on his face, he is beautiful.

Lucille said...

Well, I'm sure he's good company for you, Casey, and he's so darn sweet! Also, you're a busy little bee, aren't you. Do you ever rest?

Laura Guerra said...

Lindo Kota!!!

Deni said...

hehe! my cat Miss Molly does that all the time.just when I want to work she jumps up ahead of me and starts cleaning! Ive tried sitting on the edge of that chair as well so I fixed that problem i got another chair exactly the same, now we have one each lol

Linda said...

What a beautiful cat! :)

Giac said...

hello Casey,

Good luck. Between Kota, Tessie, Zar, daisy and Spike, you are never alone or bored.

Big hug,

Caseymini said...

Giac, you forgot the most important one. Walter! He's the one that keeps me going!