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Monday, August 17, 2015

Cleaning Is Continuous...

That was Tessie's comment this morning when I said that I had more cleaning to do...

She volunteered to clean the two colonial rooms.

I didn't look to close... No white glove inspection...

At one point I found her asleep on the bed...
 Later, when she was supposed to be cleaning the kitchen... She baked an apple pie.  I couldn't really see any evidence of cleaning... I guess I will be cleaning up after her cleaning...
Changing the subject now... Remember the babies from the Mother of Millions plant that I put in George's desert scene last August?

Here's the year's end update.  Those plants are the same ones that I put in there, last year at this time!  I water them once in a while and they seem perfectly happy. 
On the other hand, I planted these seeds a few days ago.

They are from the Cape Honeysuckle at the side of the back yard.

I grabbed a couple of pods and opened them.  Just on the chance that they would sprout, I put them in the pot. 

Two days later, they were up and on their way!
See the 8 foot tall bushes with the yellow flowers?  If the little sprouts keep growing, this is what they will be!

The catch is, the ones in the ground are more than 15 years old... It may take a while for the sprouts to catch up.  Oh well.  I can wait. 

Back to cleaning now.

See you tomorrow.

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Lucille said...

I really love the wee plants in George's desert scene. What are they? Snake plants? They're so cute! I wonder what kind of pie Tessie is making! I did not even know she could cook or bake for that matter! She seemed very intense as she rolled her crust! It's a bit hot today though to put the oven on. She has no air conditioning in that little house. I should talk. I had my oven on today and it was so hot in here. Tomorrow, I'm opening a can of mixed beans and making a bean salad. It will last me for a few days. I can have something else with it. Maybe rice or quinoa!