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Friday, May 8, 2015

What NOT to Do!

OK.  This is a lesson in how NOT to cut foam board!

I have been doing it the right way for over 20 years.  What possessed me to do it wrong this morning?

I simply said to myself, "I can do this with the board laying on the bed...NOT!

See that gap that Tessie is looking at?  That's what happens when you don't follow the rules!
This is what happens when you do.  Perfect cuts every time.

I took the measurements and squared them off with a T square.  Then I took the board to the kitchen table, where there is plenty of room.

I laid it out flat on another piece of scrap foam board.  Then I centered my body with the line to be cut. 

Sharp blade... Preferably new.

Metal ruler rather than the plastic T square ruler.

Then I cut it with three strokes.  One to cut the top surface.  Two to cut then foam core.  Three to cut the bottom...

Oh so much better results.  Close to a perfect  corner.

I guess that I have to do it wrong every once in a while.  That reminds me to do it right and get good results on the first try.

I am going back now and start working on the landing inside the front door.  I will be cutting EVERYTHING with the above method. 

Measure twice.  Cut three times.  Standing up to do it, with my body centered over the cut.  It works every time!

Back to cutting.  See you tomorrow!


April said...

Don't cut on beds and don't run with scissors. That's what my Mom always tells me ;)

Caseymini said...

April, thanks for listening to me while you were growing up. As I remember, I had to take the scissors away from you a couple of times...

Mieke Miniatuur said...

Always nice that children remember these "lessons" Aspecially when you are having a hard time with it ;-)

Marjorie Bailey said...

Thanks for the good advice on cutting foam board - I haven't needed to do much of it so far, but at least I'll be prepared when I do. Your trees are coming along so well; the roots look perfect!