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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tessie's Waiting...

OK.  I think that I have enough Reindeer Moss and other green stuff to do the roof now...

Thanks to Dollar Tree.  They have started carrying all kinds of good stuff in their floral department.
I am not sure about Floral Garden, but I know that Crafter's Square is a pretty well known brand and have used it from other sources before this.

I am thinking that eight sacks should be enough and if it's too much, the stuff lasts from one project to the next...
I also got this four pack of floral foam at Dollar Tree too.  I usually have to pay about four times as much for a block that is not much bigger than this.

I am going to cut it up, so I don't care that it is in four blocks instead of one large one.

 I don't know how long Dollar Tree is going to stock these floral supplies, so I tried to buy enough to finish the job.  Wish me luck!
As soon as I started dragging this stuff out of the bag, Tessie started planning...

I am going to have to break it to her that we aren't doing the roof until I finish most of the inside. 

I need to be able to reach in and work and being roofless will just be a lot easier.

Maybe I can pacify her by letting her paint walls or lay flooring...Or my other option is to lock her in the workroom for the duration.... I hate to say it, but the second option sounds like a better plan. She might just get the cleaning bug and do some straightening in there... I can dream, can't I?

See you tomorrow.

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