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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

So Much for That Idea!

I promise!  No more hair brained schemes...

The alley way is empty once again.

Walter reminded me that water comes down through there in the rainy season.  Not a good place to sit and read.  What with water running over your feet.
So... Change in plans... The last one. 

As you can see.  This area is nicely shaded by the wall in the morning and in the afternoon the fig tree will protect me.  I hope...
As soon as I got it set up  Look closely at the table by my chair...Tessie and Zar moved in. 

They set up their favorite wicker and plopped down, using me for entertainment. 

They love yard work.  They could watch it for hours!
As for the honeysuckle, both plants found new homes and are none the worse for wear.

I probably would have lost a few of the other plants to the sun too.  After working out there for a couple of days, I found that there is almost never any shade to speak of in the alley.  That is what I am calling it from now on.  That's all it's good for.

I wasted a couple of mini days, but I think that I learned my lesson.  That part of our yard IS and alley.

Back to work on minis... Much cooler work. In more ways than one! 

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Marjorie Bailey said...

Well, you gave it a good go - and the fig tree area looks very inviting! It's great that we seem to always learn some little thing from our experiments!