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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No More Gardening!

I know.  I said that I was finished with gardening... Just one more day... Please?

I couldn't resist, when I saw this plant.  I have never seen anything like it... Never!

And besides, Spike thinks that I bought him some trees... No Spike!
This is the label that was sticking in the pot.  I must assume from the name that it is found in the vicinity of Mt. Kilimanjaro... 
Anyway, one thing led to another. Or maybe I should say One plant led to another...

Now I have to re pot everything.  Sorry about that. 

Tessie is helping.  She "accidentally" broke a piece off of one of the plants and immediately wanted it re potted for herself. She declared that it was just her size...

These two plants came from Walmart.  See that little stem in front of the right pot?  That was in the right pot.  Evidently fell off of another plant. 

I am thinking that if I can root it, I will have a whole other plant after a month or two... We shall see...

The pot that it was in is a "Creeping Fig".  How could you resist a plant with such a creepy name?  I know I can't.
I did find a foot stool that is just exactly the right height.  That was five dollars at Goodwill.  Perfect for the spot.
And last, but not least...I had a visit from Hudson Hawk.  I think that he is getting used to being a camera hog!  I swear that he comes in and poses.  Or else it was the squirrel that we had to scare away that was the attraction...

Yup!  I had to have Walter go scare the squirrel away. 

Then for some reason Hudson didn't want to stick around anymore.

I am going back to potting now.

See you tomorrow.  Without plants, but with minis!


mcddiss said...

veo que ese rincon lo estas convirtiendo en una zona de estar mas que verde , queda muy bien



12Create said...

Your little garden seating area looks lovely and Hudson is such a handsome fellow. Glad the squirrel got away though.

kimberlyncreations said...

Your garden is looking awesome! I am enjoying your gardening posts. I enjoy reading your blog everyday whether it is about minis or not. It's nice to see what other things you're up to.