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Saturday, May 2, 2015

No Sanding Allowed!

OK.  Two of the garden stakes from yesterdays' shopping spree are all gone.

In their place, I have a firm foundation for the Forest Fantasy Cottage.

I didn't bother to sand or miter the corners.  They are going to be covered.  My excuse is... The rough boards will grab the glue better than sanded ones would.
After I got it all glued together, I weighted the whole thing with books.  To the side you can see that I use a full sized miter box to cut the wood. 
And whilst I work my fingers to the bone... Tessie is sitting on the other side of the room in Eskiaga's Southwestern room box. 

They are chatting and eating tacos as I speak.  Once in a while, Tessie looks over to make sure that I am still hard at work.  Then she picks up another taco and starts munching away.  I lost count when she hit taco number 7.  That girl can eat!

Mind you, it's only 7:05AM here.  She is going to be a blimp by noon!

To play it safe, we are leaving in a little while to head over to the kids house for lunch.  I don't want to be here if she explodes!

See you Tomorrow.


elizabeth s said...

Taco's are what one SHOULD EAT in a Southwestern house! :D
And also, I think that they are perhaps just a slight bit more nutritional than a stack of cookies!

12Create said...

Now I hadn't thought of garden stakes as a source of wood. Another tip to remember.