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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Happy Campers...

 I am the proud mother of two re-blooming orchids! 

The one in front has been in bloom for a couple of weeks.  I thought that the one in the back was a plant of the same kind... Not so.  Quite different.  Much more yellow.  See? I'm not in a rut!  And I must have done something right this year!

I managed to get the front porch and the front edge encased in egg cartons. 

That made Tessie happy.  She has confiscated one of Amare's sticks.  That could be dangerous.  She already managed to knock Zar up the side of the head with it. He's the only one that's not a happy camper.

 I am not sure what her plans are.  I asked her and she just replied... "I like it and I am KEEPING it!  MINE!" Then she proceeded to prod me with it until I gave up and left the room...

OK fine...

I did get the picture window side paved too.  Slowly but surely... I might win the race yet!

Back to work.

See you tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

i'm totally fascinated by this, especially since I love all things "tree"...bark, texture, color, smell..isn't nature great? You make it look so real... Hopefully I'll come up w/ a future project that will need a string-glue-gesso tree! Thank ypu for such a fun blog