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Friday, April 17, 2015

Momma's Little Helper...

Have you ever had unwanted help that was so cute that you didn't have the heart to stop him?
I went out this morning to do some errands.  When I came back, I started messing with the trees on the HBS kit again...

Kota, it seems, cannot resist a good cone of string...
When he finally started gnawing on it... That was the end of the helping... I kicked him out and got serious.
You saw this corner the other day, but I decided it needed a close up.

It will be covered with gesso and paint.  I may also use some finer crochet cotton here and there.
I did get the other side of the opening partially done with Kota's help...NOT!

I still have some more stringing to do on that side to make the tree look more rounded and natural. 

That's about all I am going to do today... Kota keeps coming back for more!

I quit!

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. Aren't cat wonderful!
Not all the time! I know!

Petra1945 said...

Casey, it seems Kota lucked out when being offered a new home! And so did you; he seems to fit right in with your household.

BTW, I've finally got me a Google account, so I could join your followers.


12Create said...

Kota is gorgeous. He has quickly become your craft room companion. The string trees look fabulous. What a great idea.