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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In Trouble Now...

I couldn't catch Daisy in time... She is off to collect the rest of her belongings. 

She left me a note saying..."The cottage had better be finished when I get back.  I have a couple more loads of personal belongings to bring back.  I am leaving my suitcases here, so that you will know that I mean business!  Get to work!  Love Daisy.

Well.  I know what I am going to be doing at Wednesday Witches today...
More books.  There are 101 finished since yesterday.  I still have 134 blanks that need covers.

I don't want to talk about the kitchen that still needs finishing in the cottage.  I am not too worried.  Daisy doesn't like to cook.  She can eat out for a while.
I am figuring that the 101 books that I have finished may just about fill this bookcase.

That leaves the fireplace surround to fill...

As I said, I will be making more books today.
If all else fails, there is always the typesetter's tray.  It is full of various and sundry things that can be pulled out and put in to fill up empty spaces.

Not to mention the boxes of stuff in the workroom that are eligible for thievery... 

I don't think that there will be any problem with filling the bookcases. 

Now to do the window, door and window seat... Then the kitchen...

Back to the drawing board for those now.

See you tomorrow.


Unknown said...

Casey, I just started following your blog. I have been reading about your adventures for awhile now and find you have very informative tutorials and are an amazing miniaturist. I found something at Dollar Tree a couple days ago and thought you might be interested. In the kids toy section they had something called Build A Straw. With all of the elbows and things I thought you might be able to use it as pipes or plumbing. Love watching your progress. Hugs Phyllis

Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. So we missed Daisy again?
That's a lot of "various and sundry"
items in the typesetter's tray!
Someone could really put them to good use! It looks like it would fill up Daisy's house.

chapchap73 said...

Casey, Are you sure Daisy isn't just pulling an April Fool's prank on you? She may not be moving in until 2017 :lol: Hugs, Sarah

P.S. Kota is shaping up to be a fine miniaturist.

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
Sooo many books. It must be driving you mad, but I am happy we will get to see the finished cottage soon.
Big hug,

Mary said...

Your books look great. I think that a book shelf always looks more interesting with a few non-book items mixed in.
A Big Mini Hug

12Create said...

You are doing better than me on the book front. I have long had a bookshelf project that needs filling with books. Perhaps I try to make a few more this weekend.