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Friday, March 13, 2015

Between a Few Rocks and a Hard Place...

OK.  I thought that I might leave the center open and put the telescope in there... I don't like it.
I either have to put a rim of some kind around the bottom or fill in the center... I am leaning towards filling in the center.  I think that I want the base of the telescope to sit on top of the stone floor instead of down into it.

At least that won't take a long time to do.

Next, I will start painting the stonework.  This time it will be a bit lighter to match Daisy's Cottage.  Presumably, the stone came from the same quarry.
I no more than got the floor finished and the telescope put in place and the people started filing in...

Zar just announced that he can see Venus from here... No.  Wait.  That's the ceiling light...

So much for his knowledge of astronomy...
The rug got a bit further along while I was watching TV last night... Definitely golden yellow... When I get to that part.

I started pulling out the gray/brown... It is really hard to get out.  I tend to work tight...
At least I am making progress somewhere.  The workroom is almost clean now.

In a few more days I will be able to work in there and start messing it up once again...

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. When I read your comment
"In a few more days I will be able to work in there and start messing it up once again..."

I had to laugh! So funny!

The tower is looking good!

Giac said...

Hello Casey,
You have so much going on and it is a lot of work, but everything is looking beautiful. Keep it up.
Big hug,