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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just a Little Longer...

 This morning April and I went out to play for a bit. 

She is getting a taste of freedom for the first time in several years.  Amare has started nursery school and loves it. 

She called and wanted to got running around this morning.  We met at Beyond Bread and then went shopping.  Goodwill and an antique mall that is just down the street. 

Before I left this morning to meet her, I did this.  Not the bracelet.  The watch...

I had an idea to make any bracelet into a watch... And it worked!
Now if I can keep it away from Tessie, I will be able to change any bracelet or necklace to a watch anytime!

That's going to be the hard part.  I think that she needs a smaller chain... Then maybe it would work for her...Just maybe...

All I did was added a couple of jump rings and a lobster claw and I can turn virtually anything into a watch.  As long as the lobster claw can grab onto it. I have attached pendant watches to purses, but never did it with a lobster claw closing... This will make it easy to move.
I also made this bracelet yesterday... And yes. I can put the watch on it too.

I need to work on the ins and outs of this style.  The single beads don't sit right.
This is the only thing that I got on our shopping trip.  I think that someone is trying to tell me to make early American furniture... I keep finding that particular kind of book, everywhere I go lately.

Anyway, now that the vacation is over, I should go get back to minis.

Thank you all for the lovely comments yesterday! It's been a fun seven years.  You all contributed to the fun with all of your comments.

See you tomorrow.

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