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Sunday, November 9, 2014

One Day of Freedom...

Our printer stopped working right about a week ago. 
Yesterday, Walter went out and bought a new HP.  I mostly print on card stock for minis.  So we had to test it. 

Frugally, so as not to waste paper and ink, I volunteered to put together a page of Steampunk stuff that I knew we could use when we start the emporium.  Walter did research. Some of the newer printers get hung up on card stock.  This one didn't.

We will be keeping the printer.  It does it's work well. 

It is Terrible Two approved... The thing at the bottom of the page that Tessie is pointing at is a Victorian paper model of a hot air balloon.  We may just have to put that together and hang it somewhere.  Pretty cool!

Meanwhile, I am still working on the half inch house.

I solved the problem with the front.  I took the two top pieces off of the front and glued them to the roof out from the walls, by the thickness of the front. Thus, taking care of the front panel being to tall.

I should explain... I don't like front opening walls that are hinged.  It seems like the door is always in the way.

This solved the problem.  The front can be put somewhere that isn't in the way. The front panel will not be attached to the house in any way. 

About the time that I finished the front, Mini Tessie showed up. 

The first thing she said was...."OH!  Is this my Christmas present?  Thanks in advance!"

Then she proceeded to hang around whilst I put all of the shingles on one side of the roof. 

She has been through the pile of half inch furniture and picked out a lot of pieces for refurbishing and cleaning.  Notice.  I didn't say that she was going to get right on that job...

It looks like, once again, I will be employed by the Terrible Two minus One... At this rate, I may never tell Tessie that she should have a 1/2" version of Zar to keep her company. 

That way, I would only have a Terrible One to contend with.

So far, she approves of everything I am doing.  The first time she starts getting picky, I am going to send her back to her normal, one inch body and hide her half inch self somewhere scary.

That threat should keep her in line.  Anyway, I am off to do the other half of the roof now.

See you tomorrow.


Phyllisa said...

Hi Casey. The 1/2" house is looking good. Shingles add a lot of appeal to any house. I'm glad you fixed the front section problem.
I like your mini Tessie. She really is a "chip off the old block"!

Lucille said...

The house is coming along. You make it look so easy but I know it's not. Glad you got a printer you like. I hate mine. It always stops for a few seconds and sounds like it's having indigestion and then it starts over again and finishes printing. Still, I always wonder if it will or not.