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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Non Foaming Foam...

This is why you shouldn't use thin foam to pad minis... Granted, it lasts a few years, but then it literally dissolves into dust!  Beware!

This is what is left of the foam on the green bed that I showed a few days ago. 

All gone... It only lasted about five years and this is what it looks like after about 20.
 I got in a bed mood this morning... I went into bed mode and tore the green bed up. 

I put a flat skirt around the bottom by cutting a long piece that would wrap around the bed and over lap by about a quarter inch. 

Then I glued a small hem on one long side.  That piece, in turn, got glued to the block.

The block on this one is several pieces of foam core cut  2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches.  This bed was made before I knew about ceiling tile.

The pillow is a separate piece.  Simply rolled material.  It can be stuffed with batting, if you want fluffier pillows.  I didn't bother on this one.  I simply glued a hem in on each end and rolled and glued the end of the center to the layer beneath.  It will be glued in place over the head of the bed.

Here's another way to make a 1/2" scale bed skirt.  This one is handmade bobbin lace that I simply glued in place, over the muslin.

The base for this bed was two thicknesses of ceiling tile. 
Here you see the green bed finished.  I cut a piece of cardboard in the shape that I wanted the headboard and covered it with material that matched the bed skirt. Then I overlaid that with a scrap of antique lace.  That piece was all I had left.

I cut the quilt for the other bed from some fabric that was printed with photos of real quilts.

I still need to work on this one some more.  Thus the two drawers full of spindles.  I need to make a headboard.

That's all I have done so far.  I need to get back to work. 

See you tomorrow.

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