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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Just Stick Something Green inside!

Yesterday, while searching for the lost needle... I found my stash of super duo beads... That was the end of the search.

I would much rather make a ring than search for a needle in a haystack... Literally.

This is a pattern from Alishia Beadifulnights on You /Tube.
She has some really pretty patterns for all kinds of beadwork jewelry.

This morning, I went back to search.  I never did find the original needle, but I did find an old one that was bent sideways.  It worked well enough.

I put on the last two beads and knots.  Then I closed the bottom with another slipknot. 

Tessie immediately stuffed one of the beads from the large sized hanger.

"This will do for a pot."  Then, "OK.  Stuff in some green stuff and let's hang it up."
She grabbed a handful of railroad greenery and glued it to the top of the pot.  It looks awful, but she was so anxious to show it off that I knew that she wouldn't wait another hour while I made vines. 

I will do that as soon as I finish here.

She did let me trim the tail on the bottom.  As soon as I did that, she disappeared and I heard banging coming from the townhouse. 

I imagine she has hung it somewhere by now.  I will wait a few minutes, until she loses interest.  Then I will go rescue the poor pot and put some ivy or other vines in it. 

She probably won't even notice the difference...

Maybe if I can enlist Zar's help, she can be distracted.  I am going to go borrow her new pot while she is busy elsewhere.  Then I am going to spend the next hour making vines.

See you tomorrow. 

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Lucille said...

Hi Casey! You're back in my reader! I'm sure Zar will help you in distracting her! That's a beauty of a ring you made and thanks so much for that beading site. I looked at it. It looks easy enough but I don't know if I will ever attempt it. The six year old in me is very impatient these days! Also, all she wants to do is read novels! Oh well, at least she's enjoying herself!